Standards Laboratory

Legal Metrology is the part of metrological science, which results from statutory requirements and concern of measurement. It deals in any kind of weighing or measurement, unit of weighment and measurement, weighing and measuring instruments including method of weighing and measurement in relation to legal requirements to ensure public guarantee from the point of security and accuracy in every weighments or measurements.
Accordingly, for maintaining accuracy of weights and measures, weighing and measuring instruments, it becomes a statutory obligation for the Government to establish Standards Laboratories at District, State, Regional and National level as may be prescribed by the International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML).
The Secondary Standards Laboratory (SSL) in the State is third in the hierarchy of Standards after National Standards, maintained in National Physical Laboratory (NPL) at New Delhi, and Regional Standards, maintained at Regional Reference Standards Laboratory at Guwahati.
The Secondary Standards maintained at SSL are used for verification and ascertaining accuracy of Working Standards , maintained at Working Standards Laboratories in all 16 (sixteen) inspectorates of different districts in Arunachal Pradesh.
Function and Objectives of the Secondary Standards Laboratory in Arunachal Pradesh are primarily :
(a) To carry out the periodical verification of Working standards used in the field inspectorates;
(b) To calibrate high accuracy measuring instruments used by industries in the course of their industrial production;
(c) To carry out type approval tests of weighing and measuring instruments;
(d) To conduct need based training programmes/seminars in the new areas of Legal Metrology with the object to improve the skill and performance of the State enforcement officials;
(e) To inspect the working standards laboratory in the State in regard to their working conditions and methods of verification to ensure timely verification against Secondary standards;
(f) To procure weights and measures for the Secondary standards laboratory/working standards laboratories;
(g) To initiate schemes/ proposals in regard to machinery and equipments;
(h) To offer preliminary guidance and training to the newly recruited inspectors in laboratory work before posting them in the field.