Department of Legal Metrology

In Arunachal Pradesh, which was earlier under NEFA administration, for undertaking related works on weight & measurement under statutory norms, the Department of Legal Metrology was constituted in 1964. However, till formation of the Standards of Weights & Measures Act, 1976 in the Parliament and the corresponding State Rules in 1979 in Arunachal Pradesh, no remarkable field work could be made, Infact, just before Arunachal Pradesh got it’s Statehood Status, effective verification/stamping works etc were started since May, 1983. Again, consequent upon enactment of the Standards of Weights & Measures Act, 1985 and Rules thereunder, the Legal Metrology works became fully operational.

Legal Metrology is the part of metrological science, which results from statutory requirements and concern of measurement. It deals in any kind of weighing or measurement, unit of weighment and measurement, weighing and measuring instruments including method of weighing and measurement in relation to legal requirements to ensure public guarantee from the point of security and accuracy in every weighment or measurement.
Sphere of responsibilities under Legal Metrology Act:-
1. Regulation of weights and measures used for any kind of commercial transaction, ranging from bullion(carat) weights to Weighbridges, Oil storage tanks, In-Motion Railway Weighbridges.
2. Implementation of the use of metric system of units in weights and measures.
3. Regulation, protect and safeguard the consumers’ interest against spurious products in packaged commodity form with regards to MRP, Net Weight/Volume content determination etc.