Arunachal Pradesh State Consumer Helpline

Keeping in view the performance shown by the National Consumer Helpline at national level, the Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh has also set up such helpline at State Level with following objectives, for further boosting up the consumer movement in the State
*Development of a resource center at State level which will be networked with National resource center;
* Develop Alternate Consumer Disputes Redressal mechanism at State level;
* To resolve maximum number of disputes out of court;
* Early resolution of complaints;
* Reaching out the rural consumers;
* To provide services in local languages in addition to English or Hindi ;
* For capacity building of State level VCOs;
* To involve trading establishments and Service providers in more active manner;
* to enhance expertise of State level machineries.
The State CONSUMER HELPLINE number is
(Place Link to Helpline at both State and Central level)